I saw a few reflections by others on their 2018 year and I loved reading what they’d learned and reflected on. Not all good, not all bad, but so insightful to me.

This inspired me to write my own, more as a record for myself but hopefully insightful to others too.

Background, 2017:

  • For the first half of 2017 I felt quite defeated about my future in my personal and career lives. My long term relationship had just ended, I gained weight and became quite pudgy and hated the sight of myself in mirrors, and I felt trapped in a career rut.
Beautiful, cosmopolitan New York
  • Btw — I LOVE New York and vow to return.

What happened in 2018:

  • I finally had a boss who actively supported my long-time yearning to formally ‘break into’ networking and infrastructure (another shout-out to Siebert) and I was no longer pigeonholed into outdated expectations of QAs.
DevOps Days NZ 2018
  • Secondly: speaking at DevOps Days. When I saw that DevOps Days NZ were asking for CFPs, I proposed a talk and to my delight, was accepted. For me, DevOps Days is the ‘mothership conference’ of DevOps (as founded by Patrick Debois), and the one which had the least amount of vendor pitches, best pricing and the most wisdom. On 5–6 November in Wellington the conference took place, I made some lifelong friends and I delivered my talk about T-Shaped QAs in the DevOps world. I had previously blogged about it too, a topic I’m clearly quite passionate about. Thank you for having me DevOps Days NZ, I love you all.

DevOps Girls: (mostly also, “on the side”)

  • Franca joined us as co-organiser and she hosted a few meetups, one of which was a badass lightning talks evening at Envato.

What I hope to do in 2019:

  • Complete my Diploma of Networking
Women’s hockey can be so friendly (I’m in red — extra happy as we won the friendly tournament)
  • Play more friendly ice hockey

Here’s to calmness, sustainability, and personal and career happiness in 2019!


QA Practice Lead | Dev Advocate 🥑. Who loves #lean #agility #devops #QAOPS #devrel. Speaker. Writer. @devopsgirls. “Mature” ice hockey player. INTJ.

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