A Retired Army female combat veteran opens up about how she battles PTSD and depression, and how she finds peace through an unexpected love from her Maltese

Throughout my military service, I was constantly astonished with how much of a toll deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan had on our military service members and families. The stories of women veteran mothers are even that more unfathomable, especially those stories regarding the single mothers whom I had met.

Two long deployments — one to Iraq and another one to Afghanistan — meant that Annette had to continuously battle multiple challenges in a very stressful career. Not to mention — how can a mother even prepare two children to cope while she is gone for a year in harm’s way?!?

Any military career is a stressful one. But, Annette had to overcome the other following unique challenges:

  • Fight to excel in a male-dominated field artillery unit
  • Discover ways to nurture her children while she was in harm’s way
  • Raise children as an Army officer in a combat unit

As someone who has extensively researched nervous system health over the years to find methods that could help relieve my pain, it didn’t surprise me at all when Annette told me that she has also battled with suffering, as well. The chronic stress that she has endured in her life is unsustainable and I am so thrilled that she is focusing on a healing journey — one that has inspired her to help others coping with depression and anxiety.

Thank you Annette for your sacrifice and for your courage to share your story. Read how this American hero has been saved by the special love of her maltese pup, and her insights how the VA should help veterans, especially female veterans. Story: A Courageous Dog Mom

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