Once upon a time we were dinner. Larger, more aggressive, creatures used to eat us all the time. To this very day circumstances still exist where we could be dinner. For instance: get lost in the wilderness of any continent with no supplies and no weapon to protect yourself and see how many days you endure before you are food for other creatures.

In spite of this potential ‘ who’s coming to dinner ? ‘ scenario, humans have placed themselves at the top of the food chain. This is because of the dubious notion that beings who occupy the most spaces on this planet are considered to be the most successful.

Humans may indeed occupy the most spaces here on Earth, but an ironic question arises from the words survival and successful. If we are threatening our own existence through over population, climate changes, pollution, destruction of our biological environment, and causing the extinction of many of Earth’s other creatures ( all of which are crucial issues connected to our survival ) can this quagmire we have orchestrated — within the most spaces — actually be defined as successful ?

If so, isn’t that like being considered the most successful beings because we occupy the most spaces in a toxic waste dump ? And doesn’t this just make us a short-sighted species who have selected against our own survival by bullying and destroying our way in to the most spaces ? And doesn’t this also place us on the menu again in another way . . . as dinner for the worms and bugs in the ground where all of human kind will eventually end up as we push ourselves into a collective, permanent dirt nap ?

Fortunately, we have finally begun to individually and collectively make moves to change our destructive behavior. If we continue to take corrective actions and raise awareness of how connected we all are to the destiny of our planet, we may just turn our impending environmental and population disasters around before it is too late.

 Theresa Shamanka

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