What you don’t know :

You don’t know that she was married to a pipe fitter/welder who worked at a pulp mill in their town owned by the notorious Koch Brothers who have deep enough pockets to pay to have a whistle blower tormented, demonized and criminalized for the rest of their life.

You don’t know that there were two explosions at this pulp mill that happened just weeks apart. This mill was processing chemicals that they did not have a legal right to and did not have the proper storage for them. Her husband was part of a team that went in and made repairs at a moment’s notice for $200 per hour . . . coming home with huge holes in the cloth of his overalls that exposed his family to these deadly chemicals.

You don’t know that these chemicals and others were leaking from this mill into the air, into the water, into the mill itself.

You don’t know that her husband was on the Safety Committee at this pulp mill. He never brought home paperwork from these meetings and certainly did not leave committee meeting notes out where she could find them. But he did bring home minutes from a committee meeting after these explosions where it was discussed that the next explosion due to these chemicals would take out half of the waterfront and take thousands of lives and he left these meeting notes out where she could find them.

You don’t know that she did exactly what he knew she would do . . . copy the meeting minutes about the potential next explosion and drop them off at their local newspaper anonymously. She told her husband what she did and he went to his work and betrayed her and told people what she had done.

You don’t know that this mill was closed down not long after this all took place.

What you should know :

You should know that she has been criminalized, demonized, tormented and nearly killed over the last 25 years. She started getting pulled over by the local police and sheriff’s department for no reason. Every one in her life was told that she was a criminal, a child molester, a witch, a lesbian, a con artist, a shoplifter, a pick pocket and on and on and on.

You should know that she was hit twice over a two week period while walking to catch the bus after work on the same street both times. The second time she was walking through an intersection and was hit at 35 miles and hour and thrown 30 feet. She was in a coma, had the right side of her body crushed and nearly died.

You should know that her front door has had the lock super glued shut so she could not get into her home, her windows have been broken by rocks being thrown through them, pit bulls have been tied to her outside electrical chord bringing electricity into her home at midnight so she would have to come out in the absolute darkness to fix it and be attacked by the pit bulls . . . which is exactly what happened . . . and on and on and on and on.

You should know that she has lost housing, lost friends, lost jobs, lost family member connections because of the lies about her being a criminal, a child molester, a demon, a witch, etc.

You should know that she believes you have to be willing to die for what you believe in . . . protecting our environment, protecting civil rights, protecting diversity, and so much more . . . and she did nearly die . . . but she would choose to be a whistle blower all over gain.

Thank You.

Theresa Shamanka-Holstrom

” Power Is Where Power Is Perceived ”

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