Have you ever designed what you thought was the perfect solution to a problem at work only to hear the phrase “we have decided to go in another direction”?

Hearing these words can be frustrating when you have put your time and effort into researching and developing an innovative fix for a complex problem. It is challenging to come up with a great solution. However, the really difficult work starts when you try to get organizational buy-in to implement that solution at scale. In this article, I provide an overview of some best practices for overcoming these issues.

Why do people resist change?

Resistance to…

Scientific research and discoveries play a major role in shaping our daily lives. The results of this research can be seen in the tremendous advances in medicine, technology, and many other fields over the past decade.

Previous studies on public attitudes towards science have been conducted on a national level by federal governments in the US and UK. However, it is unclear what Floridians think about science and its impact on their daily lives.


The University of Florida Survey Research Center surveyed 504 Floridian respondents by phone in July 2016 about their knowledge and opinions of scientific research and discoveries…

Therese Okraku

Anthropologist & PhD candidate @UF doing research on social networks & scientific collaboration // Interested in tech & gender // Loves data & podcasts

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