I Wish You

16 things this decade

Theresia Tanzil
Jan 18 · 2 min read
  • the bliss of satisfying any earworm you have
  • are surrounded by people who get your jokes
  • have someone who says “me too!” at your confessions, and really listen
  • get clarity over what your priorities are and own them with minimal second guessing
  • have people who will call you out when you’re being overly darling with your dreams. who could help you sanity check & break out of your mental loops and illusions
  • find out what enough means for you in different areas in your life, keep reminding yourself, and learn to make peace with them, round after round, rep after rep
  • know you can choose the games you play and define the rules
  • have smooth inflow and outflow in all areas in life. of consumption and production, of talking and listening, of exertion and resting. and to get unstuck when you are blocked.
  • as much as possible open your eyes and see the invisible options
  • get to express more and impress less
  • become aware of the things you identify with and see how they sit underneath each wound you have
  • get the resources you need to overcome all external obstacles standing between you and your goals
  • then exhaust all excuses you hold onto till all you have standing in the way between you and what you think you want is you
  • keep peeling away and removing each and every barrier that you have built within till you are face to face with the Resistance
  • kick that goal in the ass and watch it melt away in importance as you set yourself onto chasing the next one
  • finally to see that life is just a game. so remember to play and have fun

Originally published at Proses.ID.

Theresia Tanzil

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This is where I ask questions and talk to myself | Backend web dev, web scraping, Robotics Process Automation | How < Why | Solution Architect @scrapinghub.com

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