Couples, Families, Hang Gliders and Me.

Driving home from a “stock up on food because I moved out of my parent’s house” run from Walmart, and decided that I’d stop by the Torrey Pines Glider port to watch the sunset, because for the first time ever, I live near enough to be able to without thinking twice. A ten minute ride from bliss.

When the rush of the world, and the constant mind racing is something that just becomes normal, it is immeasurable to describe the feeling of finding a place that slows you down enough to take a breath. It slows the whirring of your mind’s gears, and brings you to the moment you are in. Reflecting on life in a way that makes you incredibly grateful for the where you are resting your feet. You feel grounded and free all in one. I’m hoping that this is the validation that I’m doing something right. I’m looking for beauty to feed the soul, for places that fall out of normalcy.

Taking in a view like today is spectacular. Going to Glider Port, and resting on one of the stools that stretch across the patio overlooking the bluffs. I think it is one of the most beautiful sights in all of San Diego. The other interesting thing I’ve realized is that beauty attracts beauty. All kinds of people were out tonight, and all I could see was something beautiful in every single on of them. The little girl chasing her dad on the grass below, the hang glider who’s preparing for one last ride before the sun goes does, his deep smokey tones of “I’ll neeever stop loving you” wafting through the chilly breeze. The middle eastern men sitting next to me, asking for their pictures to be taken, and asking if I’ve ever flown. Just happy to talk to anyone around. The couple sitting along the grass, her resting in between his legs against his chest as he squeezes her tight. The elcectic group of hang gliders, lounging around on lawn chairs, their husky sniffing around their feet, and a parrot resting on one of their knees. Walking through the parking lot passing an older surfer, who just got done at Black’s beach. It’s a gift to be in a place as wonderful as this, and to not want to trade it for the world.

It’s a quieting of the soul that makes me feel so incredibly happy to be alive.

I wondering how I fit into the scheme of things. Did anyone take note of the girl sitting on a stool, reading the Godfather? It’s such a romantic thing, a day like today. Straight out of a movie scene.

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