My journey begins with PoWD3D — Proof of Weak Hands

Apr 2, 2018 · 3 min read

So a couple days ago I came upon an interesting concept and wrote about it here. I did some digging and was able watch both sides of the great debate of scam or legit that any project goes through now. So Instagram, Twitter, Medium, and YouTube were my tools (speaking of tools, YouTube comments cause cancer). I made my final decision after observing the main chat in Discord (here)and after reading every line of the contracts source code, found here, I felt confident enough to throw an old wallets worth of $80 into it. So, now its day 1.5 and the $80 investment didn’t get rerouted to a Nigerian Prince or anything, so I am still feeling confident. In addition to my initial deposit I was very happy when after an hour I noticed my account produced real Ethereum. Not much, remember, I only placed $80 into the mix but enough to ensure the contract works and fee’s are being distributed to the P3D token owners. YAY!

Proof of Weak Hands 3D has a really cool way to add to your initial investments. The setup is that once you have placed your investment and have at least 5 tokens, you are assigned a master node. This master node routes a portion of the fee’s of those who use your node back to the nodes provider. Not a large amount but enough to maintain interest and a sustained growth from the contract itself, without human intervention! This was the biggest selling point to me, the lack of human involvement (changing code, distributing, etc) within the contract itself. I have fallen prey to a few scams, I’m not going to lie. So a project that rely’s on a coded smart contract built as a Dapp, gets my hopes up a little bit.

So, I am proud to announce I have a Masternode! YAY! It can be found here! I would love to have someone use it so that I can illustrate how it operates and can provide information to you about it (and maybe make a couple $s). Again, this may all be over tomorrow, or maybe not as it appears to be growing rapidly…….

Either way this is adventure to say the least and I am just beginning so who knows what will come. PoWD3D seems legit, at least for now. The contract address (here) shows some rather decent sized purchases coming in, constantly, which again brings more hope that people see that as long as there is community interest then it will last a long time.

I will be updating on my channel almost daily from today on, regarding this project/game/social experiment. Feel free to chip in and either use my masternode link or donate some Eth ( 0x9B23E1c6225b83Bd0F2b1aa845f73d9F233B3D01 and 100% will go into the project). I am cautiously optimistic and hope to allow you to follow along on my adventure.

I even took 20mins to make a gif. lol.

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