This is a personal project of mine that I have been thinking of doing for awhile now. I realised that I do not regularly keep track of my climbing-related activities be it my performance as a competitor, my experiences as a coach/instructor, or my travels to the great outdoors in pursuit of beautiful rocks. I have reflected and written about my climbing journey but it is not consistent and oftentimes very spur of the moment.

This platform is first and foremost for myself. I feel that “forcing” myself to think through my journey regularly is important if I were to achieve an in-depth introspection of my performance and self-improvement in all aspect of of my identity. Indeed, I am lucky to have a career that complements my lifestyle. Climbing is the helm that pulls the different aspect of my identity together. Therefore, what I do as a climber affects how I am as an instructor, what I do as an instructor affects how I am as a climber, and in both of these areas I am always learning (even when I am the one teaching, I still learn in the process). In my vie to do this personal project, I am committed to reflect fortnightly, at the very least. I intend to look back and remember where I started, to be present in whatever I am actively pursuing, and to look forward to achieving certain milestones in my life. Through writing, I hope that it will help me to become more acutely aware of my choices and priorities both as a climber and as an instructor, and generally be a better human being day by day.

My main intention in creating this platform is for self-reflection and sharing of said self-reflections. However, I am not sharing with the intention of being inspiring or entertaining (I am neither!). I just want to openly reflect and if somehow in the process of me openly reflecting and sharing, you have been inspired or entertained then I’m glad. Of course, I will always feel the fear of judgement and misunderstanding of my intentions. Regardless, I will go forward with this project of mine and I hope that my journey will pique your interest and perhaps, have you thinking as well? Whatever rocks your boat :)

In summary, I am starting this personal project because I want to be a better climber and instructor, and I would like to share the thought processes with you. So here we go.

Next post will probably be about RockMaster 2017.

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