Discrimination + Discrimination Solves Nothing

Two wrongs don’t make a right. That is the lesson most were taught when we were trying to figure out if hiding the broken vase was a better option than fessing up. The latter being the better option with consequences we could learn from.

That scenario reminds me of the current HB2 situation in NC although the circumstances are highly different. If you don’t know what the HB2 bill is, I would encourage you to go read it. It is only 5 pages and readily available for anyone to read. I am not here to argue whether it is good or bad. The topic for discussion here is the aftermath.

Since the bill passed, there have been threats and cancellations from different places. Two businesses, Deutsch Bank and Paypal have withdrawn their plans to build businesses in our state providing additional jobs in our communities. The NBA had threatened to move the 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte next season but has held back (although discussions are ongoing). In addition, Bruce Springsteen,Ringo Starr, Boston, Ani DiFranco and Pearl Jam have cancelled concerts while several conventions ()have cancelled holding their events in NC.

One would think the state is suffering great monetary losses due to these cancellations. Instead of the state’s money, lets take a different approach.

How many individuals are suffering monetarily and socially?

Let’s start at the beginning. The LGBTQ community feels they had the door shut in their face when this bill didn’t pass. How do they feel knowing that because the government didn’t pass a bill, they are now going to be unable to get jobs at the businesses who choose not to come here or enjoy the entertainment acts that allegedly support them. That’s right! These upstanding citizens of our great U.S. have chosen to punish those they believe are being unfairly treated.

Do these businesses even take into account that as a private business, they make the decision on how they treat their LGBTQ employees? That can be answered by entering any of their doors or the doors of several companies calling for change and see that they do not cater to them in any special way. Seems a bit hypocritical.

In addition, these cancellations are unfair to those who do not identify as LGBTQ or work for the government. If you work in construction, sorry your services won’t be needed. If you work in promotions, your services won’t be needed. If you work in concessions, your services won’t be needed. If you work in customer service, you won’t be needed. If you work for parks and recreation, your services won’t be needed.

I guess the government is learning it’s lesson. All these tourists won’t be coming and spending money. I sure hope the government didn’t budget for this. If they did, then I would like to thank those who have cancelled for the inevitable increase in taxes to offset these losses. So not only do the citizens of NC not get to enjoy the jobs or events, we may also be forced to spend more out of pocket.

That’s right. Instead of doing something positive, these companies and bands are hurting the innocent. I firmly believe it’s the easy way out for the businesses, committees and entertainers and a political ploy to allow them to appear on the side of justice and equality. Unfortunately, this is the age of truth and anyone can see they are only adding to the wrongs.

For Example, Deutsch Bank and Paypal have offices in countries who not only don’t have labeled restrooms or allow for choice, but kill those who identify with the LGBTQ community. That is murder, not discrimination.

The great state of Tennessee has a Negative Overall Policy rating regarding transgender laws according to the Transgender Law Center. Oddly Boston, Ani Difranco, Ringo Starr and Pearl Jam all have shows still scheduled in that state. Springsteen does not have a show currently scheduled there but he has played their the last 3 years without issue. The NBA still allows the Memphis Grizzlies to play in that state.

Could it be there isn’t as much money here in NC to entice these business, conventions and entertainers? That can’t be the case, these upstanding citizens obviously are putting the LGBTQ community first not the almighty dollar!

Pearl Jam cancelled their show only 48 hours before it was set to begin.

Which fan reaction do you think is more likely to occur from Pearl Jam’s cancellation?

A. Fans and other ticket buyers are annoyed they won’t get to see their band and are going to contact their state senator to let them know their feelings.
B. Fans and other ticket buyers are annoyed they won’t get to see their band and are angry with the band for not caring about them.

Which employee reaction do you think is more likely to occur from Pearl Jam’s cancellation?

A. The employees of the arena are angry and will contact their senators to let them know how passing HB2 has hurt the state.
B. The employees of the arena are angry and will have to let their families know that unfortunately they won’t be getting paid because some selfish band cancelled.

It’s pretty obvious what the higher percentage option is for both of those.

If they really wanted to do something that would help others, they could follow the lead of Cyndi Lauper. She is holding her concert and raising money for an LGBTQ group.

What a novel concept, showing compassion and care for another person.

While I may not be the best writer, I stand by this idea. The idea that a bill that is said to be discriminatory is causing even further discrimination. Discrimination against an innocent person for merely being a resident of NC.

I believe the underlying reason for these cancellations is not support for the LGBTQ community is they would have you believe. If it were, they would not be continuing to build businesses and hold shows and events where they are. I believe it’s just an easy way out of avoiding an additional tax when you have a better offer or avoiding a date that wasn’t providing the preferred amount of ticket sales.

Just something to think about when you see them on their spindly legged high-horses.