I want my boredom back

Every time I see posts like this I can’t help but roll my eyes. Do you know what people thought when printed books started being mass produced? That people would spend all day reading and stop interacting with other people, that society would crumble if too many people spent too much time reading books. Pretty sure we survived that “catastrophe” without much lingering scar tissue. The same thing happened when television came along, and while I don’t condone massive consumption of television, once again as a species we’re not doing half bad — in fact, not only are we not doing half bad, but we’re on the tipping point for human technological advancement. If you’re concerned about your own well being when it comes to staying bored, that’s one thing, but to fear for the species as we go into the future… well, that’s just silly for a couple reasons:

  1. This is only the beginning of the machine-man integration so if you think carrying around a smartphone is bad, I would recommend retreating to the woods or getting the f*ck over it, because people 50 years from now are going to look back on us and wonder how we ever made it through life without our brains being directly tapped into the web.
  2. Humanity is going to be just fine, dude. This isn’t Idiocracy. We will always find ways to reproduce and be social. And so what if we don’t? Then the population will start to decline and maybe overpopulation won’t be such a big concern.

Anyway, thanks for giving me something to write about. Cheers!

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