12 Days a Traveler
Mary Loretto

I love the tattoo! I’m traveling the world at the moment and I feel like my best experiences come from those chance encounters when I meet someone who I might never have met otherwise. I met one couple in Mexico who told me about some crazy Mayan ruins they were headed to so I figured I’d check it out as well. Well, that one small change in my plans led to the three of us doing mushrooms, exploring and climbing over these absolutely amazing ruins, which then led to me getting mugged as I crossed the border into Guatemala, which then led to staying in Guatemala City for a couple weeks, which then led to falling in love with the hostel I was in and staying for almost 3 months… all because I made a couple new friends in Mexico after being brought into a conversation they were having the night we met.

Meeting people by chance encounter is something that could easily happen back in my old life in California, yet it rarely ever did (unless I was out drinking with friends and making an idiot out of myself). Traveling does something to a person’s mindset — it opens us up to so many life-altering decisions it’s mind blowing. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without ever having traveled.

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