Your issue with other girls is your own insecurity
Kris Gage

This is a beautiful piece. There are some parts I disagree with, but what is beauty without flaws? Overall you paint an extreme image on the better end of the spectrum. As a confident guy who has fallen in love, broken hearts, and had his heart broken as well, what you have described is exactly what I look for when first meeting and getting to know someone. If she meets the chill/secure requirements then there is potential for something more and I will bring up the subject of relationships in the “intentions and expectations” conversation — though I can count on one hand how many times that’s happened out of God knows how many women I’ve met. It’s so easy to see through when a woman is pretending to be chill or secure as the facade always has cracks in it and if I can’t see through the cracks right away it only takes a small amount of stress for those cracks to shatter the mask.

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