Crush Me

This is beautiful. I did something similar to this four years ago when I was in a dark place. I asked many of my friends to tell me 3 things they admired about me and/or reasons they appreciated my existence in their lives. Over time I have added to that notebook and in my last apartment I wrote down many of the reasons people gave me onto sticky notes and put them on my wall. Every morning when I got ready for work I could glance up at that wall and find value in my existence. Sometimes it would bring a smile to my face and sometimes it bring a tear to my eye. The most interesting part to me was the number of people in my life that used words like courage and brave. Those two words were never something I considered myself to be when I was thinking about ending my life, but the people close to us, who sometimes love us more than we love ourselves, always seem to see us for who we are — humans, flawed but beautiful.