Why Tuscan Leather is the best Drake song ever
Lexie Ernst

Tuscan Leather brings back a lot of memories from 2013 when I listened to Nothing Was The Same more times than I can count.

Memories of smoking weed with one of my closest friends, relaxing in his apartment as I contemplated what I was doing with my life… who I even was anymore, the broken heart I was trying to cope with as darkness consumed me, the smell of one of the nicest apartment complexes in Hollywood and the sounds of people in the courtyard outside the open balcony doors.

Personally, From Time hits me the hardest. For reasons above but to another level because of the pace of the song and the lyrics… how relevant they were to that moment in my life. Tuscan Leather brings my mind back to that time in my life, but From Time brings my heart and soul back. I can feel the emotions as I write this and listen to the track… the way I can still trace those scars on my heart all these years later.

Thank you for writing this, Lexie.