The Charlottesville Tweetstorm

On the second anniversary of the alt-Reich march on Charlottesville, and Trump’s infamous “both sides” comments, I had a few quick thoughts on the matter. (There are a few minor edits and corrections from the Twitter version.)

1/ On the second anniversary of Charlottesville, never forget that no matter how many times Donald Trump supporters try to retcon and lie about what he said in the days to follow, the judgment of history is already complete: a racist President defended racist scum.

2/Richard Spencer, David Duke and the rest of the alt-reich incels didn’t show up in Charlottesville because they were afraid Trump would condemn them.

They came knowing the worst thing that would happen to them was a wink from the most racist president since Woodrow Wilson.

3/ Remember, every telepromptered and prepared speech is only a panic reaction from Kellyanne and Ivanka.

The real Trump says there are very fine people among the Nazis and Klansmen bearing torches and killing Heather Heyer.

The teleprompter puppet gamely walks it back.

4/ This quivering blob of narcissistic hunger hesitates to condemn them because “they’re nice to him.”

His history is undeniable. It wasn’t constructed by the fake news out of nothing.

I won’t bother you with recapitulating half a century of his racial behavior.

5/ The fact that every single marcher in Charlottesville hasn’t been identified, investigated, and publicly exposed remains a national shame.

The fact that anyone defends Donald Trump’s moral equivocation on who the good guys and the bad guys were on that fateful day is worse.

6/ So endeth.



NYT #1 bestselling author, Lincoln Project co-founder, ad-maker, writer.

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Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson

NYT #1 bestselling author, Lincoln Project co-founder, ad-maker, writer.