Best Company to develop your next Mobile App 2018

We provide a list of reasons to give us a chance with your next big idea.

The Right Software are a small company and we are happy to remain that way as it suits our ethos. Small company with 90% developers with over 3 years of development experience focused on quality over quantity.

As a software development company, we provide you the rundown to select your development partner for your new app in 2018.

Jumping with joy!

The Right Software develop mobile apps for our clients in Europe, UK and USA. We are rather good at it. So far, we have development 19 major apps with combined downloads of over 1M.

We are rather good at it. Here I will tell you some of our technical prowess and why you should be choosing us for your next app concept.

Technical Firepower!

We have the heavy hitting programmer. 7 mobile app developers, 5 web developers and 2 QAs along with 2 project managers — focus on technical knowledge. They check everything in detail and harry the client until getting the best out of him. The team have worked with payment methods and third-party APIs in diverse markets from industry favorite Paypal and Stripe to small niche flavors such as Adyen or Paywise.

The team work with

  • Android: Java, XML, Kotlin
  • iOS: Swift, Objective-c
  • Cross-Platform: React-Native
  • Web: PHP Slim 3, Laravel Lumen

We have the technical expertise to take on a dedicated app idea with you and spin it into the next web splash.

Two Platforms, One Experience

You’ll get the same experience in your app in both Android and iOS app. Although we can prioritize one app depending on client needs and market but the code is written in such a way that both platforms can take the same data from web and catch on with the prior version quickly.

For more budget clients, we can choose to work in React-Native with some trade-ins on speed and experience given.

We test extensively! We make sure that the client gets the right delivery the first time.

Outsourcing infused with Culture

Although located in sunny Islamabad, we are not far from the heart. The timezone is only 3 hours from CET and 4 from GMT. We work with clients all over the world and can start the day later if it suits the client. The managers send reports daily to the client and update with delivery with strict deadlines.

All devs speak excellent business English.

Even with such dedication, we provide hourly rates (with complete billing breakdown at all time) between $20–40 depending on experience. You can build a dedicated team around your project if you require. We’ll make sure that your team works dedicatedly on your mobile app objectives.

Complete Secrecy

Have you notices we still haven’t mentioned the apps that we have made for our clients. That’s because we provide complete secrecy and peace of mind to our clients. There are no shenanigans, no code/idea thefts. Only serious programming practices with feeling client investment and his pain in our heart. We provide professional contract on each assignment for client satisfaction.

With these points, you will learn about us and give a visit TRS website. We’ll be happy to learn from your experiences.