Ready-made software vs Custom Software

We start the discussion by ready-made solutions that companies provide out-of-the-box and how they differ from a custom software solution that a company proposes just for your needs.

A custom software can be a great leap forward for your business!

Ready-Made Software

There are plenty of software solutions out there. Mostly ready-made software where client is supposed to read up on the software online, familiarize with terminology and remember all tabs and pages and how they link up. But these ready-made software are not made with your requirements, rather, you are expected to get your business in alignment with the online software. Consider these factors in a ready-made software solution,

  • Low upfront cost: you start using real quick. Maybe same day.
  • Vast knowledge base from large setups
  • Monthly fees: Such as Shopify charging you $30 every month.
  • Not your favorite web layout: e.g. WordPress always with wp-admin, so predictable.
  • Bloated frameworks: What if you never use those 18 plugins that ship for free? Like a Samsung mobile phone. :)
  • Technology specific: What if your software doesn't support a third party hardware or API. You end up facing the point below.
  • Paying through the nose for costly support
  • Your requested features are down the list of implementation.
  • Unwanted third-party branding, promotional emails and followups
  • Up-sells and different monthly models
  • One bug endangers all: happens with WP all the time. The viruses just know all the end-points. Rescuing hacked WordPress websites is a service we provide often.
  • You are not in control of your files: with SaaS (software as a service) platforms, you don’t know how files and data are handled. With WordPress, you can’t make changes to core WP.
  • Planned obsolescence: launching new themes, features to force you to adapt.
  • No personal relations: You don’t feel in-charge. You are just a faceless client in a sea with 10 thousand others.

These features tell a story where its not feasible for big businesses to keep filling random profiles, using a software for a few weeks, get frustrated and go back to excel-sheets and Word files. Its just not on. You can’t run million dollar businesses like that. You have to develop a software solution just for you. You owe it to your team and your company and your customers.

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Custom Software

A custom software, one the other hand, is what a software development company develops just once. For you. That software is proprietary investment that is under-taken by the most businesses who are serious about their long-term future and have a vision about their staff, partners, vendors and end-users.

A typical custom software goes through a requirement gathering and design process to gather all information about your new software, actors, important phases, modules and documents.

A typical custom software will be ruled by following guidelines,

  • Slower, thoughtful delivery: instead of a ready solution, you may have to wait weeks or months before a production-ready software
  • Scattered knowledge: another point maybe that your IT company have very good knowledge of most of the technologies but not excellent knowledge of one or more.
  • You don’t have to find more vendors to connect third-party solutions as software companies have staff with different expertise to match your problem.
  • Framework choice: Software company will choose a framework that suits your needs and budget.
  • Custom Layouts and Design: Your web and mobile apps look the way you intend them to look.
  • Technology independent: a custom software can take any direction and shape that you envision it, having all the modules in all details that you require without compromising on quality and user-experience.
  • You are in control: of your files, your database, your backups, your services, routines and server.
  • No more bloatware: Targeted custom software solution.
  • Don’t bug the client: Software companies sell services but don’t need to go over-the-top with emails and pestering.
  • Excellent support: You can discuss terms with a software company and come up with a suitable support SLA. Not so much with big corporations and their fixed rates.
  • Excellent personal relations: You discuss directly with your developer, directly with your IT manager and are in-charge of what delivers first.
  • Virus resistant: Your software has its own pages, layouts and security. No standard virus will know ins and outs.
  • No expiry date: We have developed custom software that have remained with clients for more than 10 years. No such option in ready-made WordPress or such sort.

There are other reasons as well. Which you can deduct from the discussion above. Important is to do your homework and find out the company that you can trust and then let them design a software around your needs. It will take time before you show it off but your solution will stay with you for years to come.

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