Web Design Process employed by The Right Software

The Right Software are a web design company from Islamabad. We are a hard-working and exceptionally talented team of web designers. Here I’ll write the web design process we employ; This article will help you make a decision why you should hire web designers from The Right Software.

1. Requirement Gathering & Locking

At The Right Software, we work with a measured approach. We apply our in-house set patterns to all clients and projects. There is a project manager added to all project big and small. The job of Project Manager is to discuss with client and gather all information about the web design project.

Discuss web design with project manager

That way, The general overview of design process is like,

  • Discuss requirements with client
  • Discuss color scheme and layout ideas
  • Discuss competitors and catchy web designs
  • Discuss design ideas to stay away from

2. Involve Design Team

After requirements are gathered and confirmed by the client, our Project manager will involve The Right Software web design team. The requirements will be uploaded to our in-house project management software along with client login created as well. That way, our designers will work closely with the client and the produced outcome is checked right away. The designers can also ask question about clarification and vice versa. The design process will be,

  • Setup file backups
  • Work with Adobe Photoshop and Sketch tools
  • Create HTML5 & CSS3 ready layouts for Web and Mobile
  • Integrate AngularJS and Bootstrap according to project requirements
  • Link all designs together to create a web demo
  • Export to show client on responsive and desktop view
  • Upload design on The Right Software development server to give client a chance to test the web design in real time

3. Deliver Web Design Contents to Client

After the design is complete, the client is shared web design copies cyclically so that he can apply his fine touches on everything and give feedback. That way, final outcome is not contested but accepted warmly. All design files and concept art is shared with the client and also kept in soft backup for later use or reproduction.

Our web design team work hard and focus on delivering quality work the first time. That way, our clients work with us on repeat projects.

Client testing web design delivered by The Right Software.

4. Web Development Services

After web design is complete, most clients retain The Right Software to develop web application as part of the online presence. For that, we provide plenty of web development services.

This is generic layout of how a web design company should engage a client and deliver work. We are small, agile web design and development company and you would be wise to put your faith in us. Visit our web design and development blog for more articles and tutorial.