What makes brands great? Words and Tone of Voice, that’s what!

Words sell, there is no question or doubt about that. Why? Well because if they didn’t then there’d simply be no need to engage advertising agencies or copywriters; anyone and everyone could just churn out any old tagline, headline or copy and we’d have a world full of banal, bog brands.

The reason is that the words you use for your brand are critical in determining the tone of voice that comes across to your audience; and just as the tone of voice (the way that you say something), you use matters greatly when you’re speaking to someone, it also matters hugely when you’re attempting to communicate with your audience via the written word.

What i’m really saying is that, more than any other element of the brand design process, words determine the personality of brands.

But why?

Because words are emotive and they are used to tell stories. The ability to tell your audience a story that they will react and relate to will simply be the difference between your brand being talked about or being completely ignored.

It’s down to the fact that nobody likes anything that’s boring do they? Being safe, dull or even generic is fine if you feel that what you do or what you sell simply is boring by its very nature, but just don’t expect anyone to take any notice.

But if you really want to cause a stir, make some noise, get a reaction, create some curiosity, provoke debate….damn it, if you just want to make people remember your brand in a way that makes them happy or makes them smile then your only option (actually it’s not really optional at all), is to just BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TO ALL OF YOUR COMPETITORS.

To do this, you’ll need to be clever and discerning. You’ll need to understand your customer and your audience. And of course, you’ll need to be brave in doing things that no-one else does.

Your words are your brand to your customer. say it all to your customer. For that reason, don’t take them lightly — because just as the right ones can help you kill it with your desired audience, the wrong ones can kill you off as a brand.