When the Good Guys Don’t Do Their Thing.

Pitiful…I know.

I was helping in the city municipal elections this year, to elect my father into the city hall, and the places where I went just shocked me silly.

Imagine a beautiful lagoon. There are storks and herons flying around, gracefully gliding over the calm waters reflecting the afternoon sun, far away a fisherman, barely visible with just his shadow against the sun, his boat is halfway out of the water and halfway in with the load of his catch. Far beyond is the lush green coast of another city, untouched and full.

Then you slowly turn around.

Shacks and primaries lodging meet your gaze. The ground is dirt, littered with garbage and “work” material, some broken, others barely holding on. Horses, donkeys, chickens, a battalion of cats, and dogs, share the cramped placed with the inhabitants. The “streets” between the houses only allow two, sometimes just one, person to walk through at a time.

The stench is terrible.

They barely have light and electricity.

Toilets? Bathrooms? I don’t think so.

And the sad part is, they’re lining one of the most known avenues in the city, with much better lodgings across the street. One side of the road is poverty, the other is lower middle class.

We went there to get their vote, and with it we got complaints after complaints…how the politicians only talk, and don’t walk their talk…how they only make empty promises and never complete it…how some don’t even go there…

And we can only look…and try to convince them that we’re different, that we truly want to help. Some scoff, swear, and slander us. Others believe and specifically give us their word and promise. And every time we leave such places, the anger at what the corrupt politicians are doing burn inside us, forcing us to do better and to do right.

And every time I enter my comfortable house, with all the “luxuries” the other people don’t have, I just sigh and thank God it’s not me in that situation. Then I think on how we can help those people. But ideas are hard to put to use when we’re talking about several generations living in those primarily conditions, and thousands upon thousands of people who will go homeless if we try to improve the land.

The questions hangs in the air.

What have you done about it?

You’ve probably just voted because you had to vote, and now thousands of people are suffering for your careless vote.

So the next elections that come around, think on how you could be next in like to be living in barely livable areas, if you vote unwisely.

So vote with your mind.

Vote with your convictions.

Vote with what you wouldn’t want happening to you.

Because one wrong move, and you’ll be next.

Just don’t go complaining when you.

It’s your fault.

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