Good in Goodbye

A friend asked me was the breakup painful? I said yes, it was horribly hard to leave what I had known for the previous years.

I was in a relationship where everything is controlled and dictated. I don’t have enough freedom to explore what I believe, my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions and most importantly myself: it’s very suffocating I know. I was trying to soar high but the relationship I had been was trying to restrict me.

Boundaries either expand to give room for new ideas or it limits us to go beyond, I guess what he created was limits that wounded my dreams. I bleed hard and it left me dry. We were both changing but not in the same way, we were growing but not on the same path and these are the reasons why the relationship that we had was killing us.

In the middle of aching and learning is the process of healing

The first week of breakup is a bit exciting you get to reconnect with the people you lost connections and having the freedom to do everything. The 2nd week is another story it’s where you start to miss everything about the person guess it’s the post-breakup period where you are very demotivated plus the late-night sad songs and bad addictions. Having someone so persistent to win you back makes everything worst the confusion whether to fall again or to continue moving forward. For me I decided to move forward and not to go back to the person where God already saved me. I became aware of my worth as an individual, I’m far from being perfect but that doesn’t give anyone the right to make me feel less about myself.

The breakup gave me wider perspective in life I had a chance to craft a new life for myself in ways that I had never imagined. I realized that the world out there is so fierce so I became stronger. Knowing that I will be starting from scratch was a bit scary and hard but I know I have a choice. We all do, we can choose our direction every single day. To live a happy life while I chase my dream was the choice I made.

Not all goodbyes are bad sometimes it is what you need to grow and survive.

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