Failure, practice, and determination is key to success in acting

Rejection is the normal in acting. In general in the journey of life rejection is part of it. Remember, when you were in grade school and some kids didn’t want to play with you. Do you remember when you wanted your parents to buy a toy you liked but never got it? As you grew up and got into the dating scene and how many girls refused to date you. As you grew up and tried many different sports & musical sports and it didn’t work out. Do you remember getting bad grades? But you didn’t give up and kept studying hard, practiced your favorite sport, and musical instrument till you got it right.

Same thing with acting. Don’t let rejection deter you. Actually, rejection makes you better at the craft because you learn how many different ways what you are trying will fail. 
 Remember failure, practice, and determination is the secret sauce to success.

Same thing in acting which is failure, practice, and determination will win you the Oscar. Wish you all the success.