Importance of Film Editing Skills for Directors & Actors.

Both film editing and direction skills are mutually inclusive. It doesn’t matter how good a director one may be for directing & taking films shoots. However, without the editing skill the film work will be difficult to make it a broadcast level quality for wide audience.

It is much better to have a strong editing experience and then to move into directing films. It is not mandatory for the actor to have an editing experience. However, if one does have then it will help them tremendously during the actual filming. Because it helps to understand how the camera works and the actor will be able make it easy for the director & editor. I highly encourage actor to spend time on editing. Because it will help them to be more free and be out of their head during filming. It will help to be at ease during filming & they can be themselves and trust their instinct. It will be organic. It will help them to forget that there is a camera.

I am listing few reasons for directors to invest in editing skills.

  1. Correct framing to tell story with the most impact from audience.
  2. Transitions.
  3. Color.
  4. Sound & music.
  5. Important to film same scene from different perspective for editing purpose. As an actor you will become more patience & understand why you being asked to do the same scene over & over and the camera position keeps changing.
  6. Editing is ART. You will discover it is addicting and so many choices you will see during editing on how to tell the story.
  7. Editing can make or break a film.

I would advise to get a book on editing and start editing. This is the best way to get started in show biz whether you want to be an actor, director, producer, etc. Editing skills can take you & your art form to places that you may have never known prior.