Reading The Script Loud

I highly suggest all film and theater actors to read the script loud for at least 25 times. I mean read every word, punctuations . I mean every thing.

I myself as an actor I do this. It helps me to understand the story better from many perspective. It helps me to discover and see little inside things of the story that I would have never seen if I didn’t read it loudly.

When I read my scripts loud …… I make sure there is no distractions around me … so that I am deep in the story.

For fun I will do my scene by myself in various subtext ways, such as ….. as a drunk character, laughing, sad, joy, with lots of energy, with no energy. OH my god when I do these different subtext … I discover more of the story.

One last note … also improv with it … have fun with it. You don’t know what new things you may discover. After all as an artist we are suppose to take our imagination to unknown places …. don’t be afraid …. imagine there is no camera … no audience … just you ….. and having artistic fun.