Afiyah The Poet

A poem about unwanted thoughts

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The dungeon of my mind
holds secrets

It’s where I even
fear to tread

Tabooed whispers
play for fun

Torment is the
currency of choice

Makes me crazy
to cross this place

Blurred vision
I begin to stumble

How did I even
create this space

Caged place
of unwanted thoughts

More I control
scarier it gets

Makes me question
the sanity I have

All I want to do
is vomit out of myself

Scared of my own self
for what I might be

For now, I sit
and let the fear pass

One day this too
shall pass to the ether.

(365 Days of Poetry — Day 340)



A poem about emotional overload

Photo by Cody Board on Unsplash

Sometimes I feel
I’m too much to handle

Awash with emotions
that drown me blind

Overload asks
for the system shutdown

Calling for a timeout
for the thinking and feeling

Sometimes I’m better off
to not think or feel

If I can just be
I’ll find some peace

I will lay me down
in the hope of being free

I will rise tomorrow
and try me out again.

(365 Days of Poetry — Day 333)



Afiyah The Poet

Afiyah The Poet

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