Full Moon in Libra

Letting Go In Order to Make Room for Magic

We are in the midst of the Full Moon energy and retrograde energy this week. Retrograde energy coupled with this Libra full moon can help clear the path we have been searching for. But often, this clearing can mean letting go; it can mean course correction. It is showing up as a desire to bring peace and balance into our lives. But first, we must get through the initial fear of letting them in. Once we let go of the obstacles, we can start to see how the divine feminine energy is showing up in our lives. This Full Moon is asking us to not to use the masculine/analytical side of our minds but to release what we have been taught and to tune in to what we intuitively know. We need to hear from the sensitive, natural place where our spirit speaks to us. This voice is showing up for each of us right now. This week we are being asked to listen to her, to notice how she is showing up and to listen to what she is whispering in your ear. She has the answers you have been looking for. As long as you can let go and make room for them.

For me she is showing up as magic; coming in as faith and release. Faith that if I release my desires and my agenda, she will guide me to a happier place. She is asking us to believe and put our trust in her so she can help to clear the path. Otherwise, the path will remain blocked and we could become exhausted trying to clear it ourselves. She wants to help. She is also coming in to remind all of us that material and traditional success is sometimes just an illusion and imagination, compassion and an open, pure heart can bring peace. This feminine spirit energy is mixing with Saturn and Mercury in retrograde to remind me that I can’t push it , but need instead to let go and allow her to take me to my next step.

How is this energy coming in for you? I like to call her Venus but she is much more than just love energy. She can show up as warrior energy this week, mother energy, queen energy or lover energy. She is here whispering in your ear what she desires to change. Are you willing to hear her?

Ritual for the Libra Full Moon

Opening up to this feminine energy is what we are being asked to do right now. Our analytical minds want us to reject this intuitive spiritual side but the universe is setting us up so we can embrace it. We are slowing down through the retrograde and so have the chance to truly tune in during the Libra full moon and work on what would bring more peace and balance into our lives. Libra energy is all about balance, harmony and relationships. What can you do this week to open up these important part of life? Do you have plans, people, dreams that are no longer in harmony with your life? Can you visualize letting go of these things even if you can’t physically let go of them yet? Can you look at the places in your life where you are holding on too tight while accepting that the Universe is ready to take you into a different direction?

Many questions will come up with this Full Moon concerning personal peace, harmony and balance. How can you move towards bringing these things into your life more? Let’s answer these questions quietly — internally — this week. Let’s let go of what we think we know and start to dream about ways to bring more of these important elements into our lives. This full moon we are setting the seeds for long term change.

The ritual this week involves spending time outside walking, dreaming, sitting on the ground and just listening to the world around you. Can you block off a couple of hours to just be in a park or your yard? Can you allow your spirit to bring up the messages of where you need to change in your life and the places where you long for more peace, balance and harmony? Let’s bring our journal for this adventure and write down these places. Let’s make the intention to let go of situations that we are being asked to let go of. But let’s plan to do it with ease and for the good of all; in a loving and harmonious way. Let’s do it in a balanced way where we can make room for Magic.

Remain balanced this week. Letting go is a hard, and sometimes scary, concept but it makes room for magic. It allows you to dream big again. It asks you to have faith in yourself and in your open heart. Let’s meet Venus in this place as she comes back from Retrograde. From a place of faith and with an open heart, we learn and accept that letting go and moving in a new direction can be a good thing.

Originally published at www.theritualcoach.com.