I’m in the GA6 and i’m deeply concerned.
Patricia Garcia

The Republicans want to fix medicare and those fixes would mean lower Medicare costs to the US Gov’t and your parents would still have the same benefits they have now. You obviously don’t know the whole story. But I don’t blame you for that when all you hear from the liberal media and the Democrats is something like…..The Republicans will cut medicare and everyone will die!!!

This is from the most liberal newspaper in the US, WashPo

Trump’s budget proposal doesn’t cut Medicare. It should.

The truth, established in numerous commission reports, bipartisan studies and economic analyses, is that Medicare could be trimmed by tens of billions of dollars annually, without unfairly burdening seniors financially or endangering their health. Due to Medicare’s influence over the health-care ecosystem, reform could help save money elsewhere, too.

The CBO has also estimated that gradually raising basic premiums for physician visits and prescription drugs, to cover 35 percent of program costsrather than current law’s 25 percent, could result in annual savings of more than $60 billion per year, with little or no additional burden on low-income beneficiaries.

Medicare boasts, with some validity, that its upfront administrative costs are lower than those of employer-paid plans. That’s less impressive when you consider the $38.6 billion in net Medicare overpayments to providers in 2016, due to billing errors on 11 percent of claims, according to the federal agency that administers the program.

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