Boiler Safety Devices

Boiler, being a fired pressure vessel, may be a potential hazard. Boiler operators and engineers should pay close attention to following safety devices for safe use:

  1. Safety Valve: Prevents the boiler being operated above its maximum permissible working pressure
  2. Water gauge glass: It is designed to verify the actual level of water in the system
  3. Air vent Valve: It is designed to take out initial air
  4. Blowdown Valve: It is designed to remove accumulated sludge out of boiler
  5. Isolation Valve: It is designed to isolate safety devices i.e. mobrey, gauge glass etc. usually for maintenance or safety purpose
  6. Feed Water check valve: It is designed to allow feed water to pass into the boiler and to prevent backflow of water from the boiler in event of pump failure
  7. Steam Pressure gauge: It is designed to record the pressure at which steam is being generated in the boiler
  8. Water Treatment: It is done to reduce various losses and enhance life of boiler
  9. Fusible Plug: It is designed to extinguish fire in event of water level in boiler shell falling below a certain specified limit
  10. Steam Stop Valve: It is designed shut off or regulates flow of steam