Combitherm Boiler is a unique design membrane water wall type boiler combining the advantages of water tube & smoke tube designs. The radiation zone of the furnace is covered on three sides by water tubes forming the first pass and the conventional smoke tube shell has tubes lined up forming the second and third pass of flue gases. Thus, the water wall furnace recovers the radiation heat of the furnace and the smoke tube shell provides large water & steam holding capacities to give the maximum advantage.


The filling of the boiler is done through a feed pipe connection. This water flows through the water wall membrane. It circulates the water from the water wall membrane to pressurized part of the boiler.As firing is done it raises the temperature of water of water wall membrane, it goes through perforated pipe and mix with water which is present in pressurized part of the boiler.The smoke is emitted from flames and flow through the smoke tubes.The pressure part is full of water. When the temperature of smoke tubes raises, there is the formation of steam in the top space of the boiler. Steam is collected through the steam outlet. Man Hole is given for cleaning purpose.

3 Pass Smoke Cum Water Tube Type Boiler design can burn a variety of fuels like Coal, Lignite, Rice Husk, Wood, Bagasse, Groundnut shells, and several other fuels thus providing you with lowest energy costs depending upon the fuel availability in your area.


  • Flexibility of fuels with choice of agro waste fuels
  • Combines the advantage of water tube and smoke tube designs
  • High thermal efficiency and low operating costs
  • Dependable quality of components like valves, pumps, safeties & instruments
  • Can be converted to liquid / gaseous fuels as well
  • Heat recovery unit may be offered for increased efficiency
  • Easy access for cleaning and inspection

Capacity Range: Combitherm Boiler, Membrane water-wall type boiler is available in capacities from 1 TPH to 15 TPH.

Fuel: Coal, Lignite, Rice Husk, Wood, Bagasse, Groundnut shells, and several other fuels etc.

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