Fired Tube Boilers

Duel Furnace Fired-Tube Boiler
The fire-tube boiler developed because the third of the four major historical types of boilers: low-pressure tank or “haystack” boiler, flued boilers with one or 2 massive flues, fire-tube boilers with several little tubes, and high-pressure water-tube boilers.
The advantage of boiler over flued boilers with a single massive flue is that the various little tubes provide waylarger heating surface area for an equivalent overall boiler volume. the final construction is as a tank of water penetrated by tubes that carry the hot flue gases from the hearth. The tank is typically cylindrical for the foremost part — being the strongest sensible form for a pressurised container — and this cylindrical tank is also either horizontal or vertical.
This type of boiler was used on nearly all steam locomotives within the horizontal “locomotive” kind. This encompasses a cylindrical barrel containing the fireplace tubes, however also has an extension at one finish to deal with the “firebox”. This furnace has associate degree open base to produce an oversized grate space and infrequently extends on the far side the cylindrical barrel to create a rectangular / tapering enclosure. The horizontal fire-tube boilers are also typical of marine applications, using to the Scotch Boilers. Vertical boilers have also been designed of the multiple fire-tube kind, though these are relatively rare; most vertical boilers were either flued, or tocross water-tubes.

Water Wall Fired — Tube Boilers

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