Internal Furnace Packaged Type Boiler

Internal furnace packaged type Boiler is the standard 3 pass smoke-tube style coal / wood dismissed boilerhaving the internal furnace. It comes in dry back steam, semi-wet back and totally wet-back steam choices and is most fitted for manual firing of coal, wood / briquettes.

The furnace is completely submerged in water and also the grate bars ar fastened within the chamber. The fuel is dismissed on the grate and also the flue gases travel within the smoke tubes of second and third pass.

A Water pre-heater could also be provided of shell and tube design to boost the potency of the systems by convalescent waste heat from flue gases going out of the boiler.


  • very large convective heating surface within the 2nd & third pass tubes ensures glorious heat transfer
  • very large water holding and steam holding area provides fast response to unsteady steam demands.
  • Dry steam reduces to interval, save the steam and improves quality of processed merchandise.
  • Horizontal prepackaged boilers — less site work & fast authorisation.


This is offered in capacities from .3 TPH to four TPH.

Internal furnace packaged type Boiler

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