Liquid, Oil and Gas Fired Boilers — Savemax

Oil / Gas Boiler

Savemax Boiler is the traditional three pass smoke-tube outline Oil/Gas let go steam evaporator having an inside water cooling heater territory. The prevalent and elements make it the Savemax Boilers perfect decision for procedure warming necessities of the business today.

The 3-pass outline bundled boilers are most suitable to blaze powers like substantial/light oils & Gasses. The high burning volume alongside extensive water and Steam holding limit makes it the most boilers in its classes.

Points of interest and Benefits:

  1. High Efficiency of 88 % on NCV spares running expenses to the Boiler (Savemax).
  2. Colossal convective warming surface in the IInd & IIIrd pass tubes guarantees great warmth exchange
  3. Goliath water holding & steam holding space provides for speedy reaction to fluctuating steam requests.
  4. Goliath warmth exchange surface diminishes the warm weights on the heater surfaces.
  5. Dry steam diminishes the handling time, spared the steam & enhanced nature of prepared merchandise
  6. Flat bundled boilers — less site work & fast appointing


Savemax — Oil/Gas Fired Boiler is accessible in limits from 1 TPH to 10 TPH

Fuel: Liquid Fuel, overwhelming/light Oil and some other Gaseous fuel

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