Technology Enlightenment Paradox

This renaissance in the need to find enlightenment is being supported by the growth and expansion of technology. Not only in how we understand technology today (as in electronics), but the true meaning of the word: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. See…technology provides us with power…clothing allowed us to expand humanity across the world, farming allowed us to stay put and not have to chase food, consumer packaged goods allow us to always have food ready. This is power and the power comes through time. We now have the time to grow into the enlightened, spiritual people we need to become. There is a bit of a bump in the road producing both negative and positive results…our current technology (social media, texting, etc.) sucks us in and keeps us from connecting with each other. I believe this human connect is a prerequisite to the goal of further/final enlightened. However, as technology advances (self-driving cars…really…AI in general), we will have more chances to focus on each other. AI will open new areas and allow us to spend more time on each other and ourselves, because we can finally, one day, solve the problems, the matters that keep us caged.

It is interesting to think though…the earliest written records of meditation are from around 1500 BCE, and I would venture to say that people were more enlightened during this time. They had technology that would support them (i.e. many people didn’t have to go hunting for food, they had cranes, they had glass, etc.), but when/where did it become too much?

So…is technology a paradox in our path to enlightenment?

One thought is that we needed technology to spread to everyone across the globe and it needed to get worse before it could eventually get better. It is getting better.