The European Journal Chapter 1 — Why we did What we did?

Hi Guys!

Off all the things I really enjoy about life, Travelling is the one that I have loved the most. Going to new destinations, wondering how the sun would feel, how the water would taste, the salt, the milk, the fruits, the people, the flowers, the beaches, it’s like everything would be brand new and unexperienced, makes me feel like a zoo in my stomach.

Having travelled to Singapore, Thailand and now Greece & Turkey, I chose to first blog about my European sojourn as this one I did with my soulmate, me beautiful wife.

So, since this was a first trip and we decided upon Greece & Turkey. Our choice left a lot of people questioning us, as to why Greece? Why Turkey? There are quite a few places in the continent that are far more beautiful that what we chose.

The peers we were so influential that they were successful in seeding this doubt in our hearts as well. And we completed immigration formalities, with a very heavy heart, contemplating, that we could have done better. We could have gone more premium.

But as the trip unfurled itself day after day, the feeling of being in the right place just cemented itself in our hearts. We yearned for more every day. And through this blog I’m hoping to take you through what we felt.

At the end of it, we felt that Greece & Turkey were the right starts, as anything else for a destination to Europe will now be an upgrade in all senses.

Watch this space for more as I will publish our daily travels and experiences, hope you feel it, enjoy it and it is inspiring enough for you to make the trip.

So here’s me wishing you Bon Voyage!

See you there……