While in essence you have a point.
James Cheatham

Come on man. He’s literally sitting passively for 90 seconds. That’s his “disruptive” behavior like a class clown in school? People didn’t even notice it the first 2 times he did it, it was so subtle. Ask yourself: is there ANY activist/opinionated action he could take that wouldn’t be “rude”?

That’s kind of the point of making a protest point: that you act rudely to bring attention to something that needs changing. Rosa Parks was rude to not sit in her place. Martin Luther King was rude to march through streets and block up traffic. If your measure for what’s acceptable is “cut a check to a charity but dont be rude about it”, you’re basically disqualifying the entire civil rights movement.

And no, I am not saying Kap is on the level with those icons of American history, far from it, but it helps illustrate the ridiculous of your “it’s okay but don’t be rude” argument. Its just silly.

As was retweeted 40,000 times today:

“white people: its okay to protest, but do it peacefully”

“black person: sits for national anthem”

“white people: hey not like that”

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