DevTools 2017: A Free Course on Google Chrome Developer Tools

Click the Chrome Logo for the Course!

For all of you budding web developers out there, I’d like to announce a free course on Google Chrome Developer Tools that I put together. If you know basic HTML, CSS and Javascript but want to bump up your skills, Chrome DevTools is the place to start.

Here’s the link:

Awesome things you can do with DevTools:

  • Change the front page of the New York Times to indicate that you have, in fact, won the Nobel Peace Prize in Web Development.
Thanks Mom & Dad
  • Figure out why your code is ‘splodin!
  • Speed up your content delivery with the Audits Panel! (Sorry, I can’t help you with an IRS Audit though).
  • Type in and test big chunks of code using the Snippets panel.
  • Understand how network requests work, and even hack Yelp to find a better dinner reservation.
  • Create fancy and beautiful text using the text-shadow editor!
  • Create ugly and nasty text using the text shadow editor!

So head over to Udemy and grab my free course and get learning!

Leave a comment here if you have any thoughts about the course. Also recommend and follow so that people can find this free info.