all to find me

all to find me

i search labyrinths

of emotion

for any sign

of Life.

all to find me

i wander a maze

of uncertainties

to rediscover the soul

i lost.

all to find me

i brave enemies

new and old;

familiar adversaries

that feel like home.

all to find me

i scrape at

walls of fear,

dark as hate

— until i remember;

all i need to find me

is stillness

is silence

is Love

— but until i remember;

i risk everything;


Thank you for spending some time with me and my words.

My prayer is that it inspires you in some way.

I wanted to let you know that my first poetry collection, entitled


is scheduled to be released

on September 1,2017.

I am so excited about this and

I would be honored if you would consider

pre-ordering your signed copy!

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Thank you so much

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It means the world to me!

Love and Blessings!