Cloud services delivery endpoint is moving more and more to network edges and closer to clients little by little.

Why is that?

Because delivery of the content is not limited any more to human clients. Services are consumed by loads of automated services discussing with each other through API calls. And the whole IoT megatrend is creating even more demands for very low latency communications across the globe.

And as you cannot increase the speed of light, or move the existing warehouse scale data centers, which we all utilize nowadays in a form or another, the only possibility to make…

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… or the cloud-tale of pets, cattle and … insects?

There is quite an old anecdote in IT how to classify your servers running your services. And it still seems to hold true in the era of cloud computing — at least it has for now. It states, that you should divide your farm to pets and cattle and treat them accordingly.

Pets are something you care about deeply. You give them names. You take care of them as personal units and if one gets sick, you treat it and make it better. You will hold on to your pets for long periods of time.

Cattle is something you treat…

… and should you even try to avoid it?

Cross-cloud portability, that one great argument against using specific cloud provider to it’s full extent. This is also kind of often used by competing cloud providers as a leverage to get at least some business from a client coming their way.

The Golden Cage — Term used in IT to represent a vendor lock-in situation, where customer is forced to stay within a vendor, a product or a service because of architectural, contractual or other specific reasons, which make “escaping” too complicated or expensive

This is easily also one of my favourite subjects to discuss with customers, who are only…

Rolf Koski

Engineer by nature. Artist by heart. Based in Finland, working in IT.

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