Replacing Silver Dental Fillings — Things You Need To Know

Theron Coker
Oct 22, 2018 · 3 min read
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Filling is considered as the viable solution when it comes to treating cracks, chips and cavities. However, there has been a controversy related to the dental amalgams which is the most commonly used material for the preparation of fillings used worldwide. Having that said, it has become, more or less, a general recommendation for the people with silver amalgams to get their dental filling replaced by the fillings made of other materials. However, there are many dentists who consider dental amalgams safe. In this scenario, you may wonder what opinion is the right one.

What is dental amalgam?

Silver amalgam has been used by the dentists for 150 years. The common terms used for silver amalgam is silver tooth filling. Nevertheless, it also contains a number of other metals other than silver. Those metals mainly include mercury, silver, tin and copper. The reason many dentists prefer dental filling is that it is easy to use, fill the cavity quickly and inexpensive as compared to other options. According to an estimate, around 1 billion people get dental amalgam every year.

Reason dental amalgams are causing controversy

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It would be worth mentioning that reason why dental amalgams may be causing the controversy. The major reason here is the presence of mercury in the composition. Dental amalgams usually have 50% of mercury in their composition and this amount is considered necessary in order to keep the metal bonded together. Now, the matter of fact is that mercury continues to be the known ideal element which keeps the metals bonded together in the best way.

The pitfall of mercury is that it has been found to have links with the risks which are bad not only for the oral health but also for the overall health. Nevertheless, American Dental Association maintains the statement that silver amalgams are safe for health. They say that we are usually exposed to the higher amount of mercury that comes from the foods, water and air; and that the amount of mercury present in the amalgams is not dangerous for health from any aspect.

What you need to do?

The answer to this question entirely depends upon what you are willing to do with your dental filling. Dental fillings deteriorate even if they are the stronger ones. So, you need to replace the dental amalgam if it is deteriorating because a deteriorating filling, no matter what it is made from, can be highly dangerous not only for the oral but overall health.

Instead of deciding on your own, you need to take advice from your las vegas dentist whether or not dental amalgams are good for your oral and overall health.

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