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The one thing that scares me about this whole "2 to 3 yest window"’s gonna be nearly impossible to maintain a group as good as this group should be when lowry returns. We all know we’re going to be in salary cap hell after this season, and at least 2, likely 3, possibly 4 of joseph, carroll, valanciunas, Patterson and tucker won’t be back at the expense of lowry and ibakas new (massive) deals.

This year is should be exciting though so I'm not a big fan of fretting about later worries. But combine those with future deals for powell, wright, will be very hard to maintain. Better hope Ujiri can find more draft steals and keep killing teams in trade.

But as a diehard fan for 20 years, if you tell me the raptors have a punchers chance at a finals and secondary stroke of luck at a ring for 2 or 3 solid seasons, you take it and run and enjoy the ride. There’s a dozen teams on a no direction treadmill and a dozen with nice young pieces a half decade away. To be one of the half dozen contenders or “one piece away” contenders is a great spot to be.

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