A beautiful lawn is a goal for many homeowners. Some homeowners may find those lovely lawns may last momentarily, only to disappear when damage (be it pest-, weather- or child-related) sets in.

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Leaking motor parts can damage the grass due to chemicals.

While well-established turf can be resilient, even the most well-maintained lawns can be vulnerable. Preventing lawn damage first involves getting to the root of the problem.

1. Lack of sunlight: All plants need the proper ratio of sunlight to grow. Too much sunlight and plant blades can scorch. Too little sunlight and grass may turn brown and die. Although there are shade-tolerant varieties of grass, homeowners also can explore alternative landscapes. …

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Thank you to Mark Miller and the Bluffton News-Banner for providing The ROP Shop with this article after publication was completed.

This is a story about how an owner’s manual for a used 10-year-old John Deere garden tractor became more than 40 new jobs. It is also a story, according to at least three people, about the mysterious ways that God works. It dates to 2008, when Steve’s Landscaping was located on Ind. …

Set of snowplows
Set of snowplows
Storing your plow properly will help give it a longer life.

Whether you are a lone snowplow driver or in charge of a fleet of vehicles, The ROP Shop understands the importance of maintenance. If your business utilizes a snowplow seasonally, there is a checklist to follow at the end of the season when storing the plow away. Following these procedures, you may be able to extend the life of your plow as well as reduce repairs and save money. Here are 5 tips that will help you along the way as your season comes to an end:

1 — Wash Your Plow

Even though the plowing season may seem short to some, over that period, plows can build up a large amount of sand and salt buildup. It is a great idea to give your snowplow a thorough wash. Rusting and corrosion can occur to both, the vehicle the plow is attached to, and the plow itself if care is not taken. In addition to ensuring it is completely clean, applying an auto wax to your plow. …


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