I am

This is the last month of my Golden Year. One more month of this Beautiful Idea which has helped turn me on to the Ultimate Truth I have been seeking. With much Gratitude for all that I have been given, I pray the next few weeks of my life will bring me wholeheartedly into my Purest Energy. Adoringly, I praise the Natural Creator within each of us. It is undoubtedly the Creative Spark of Hope which breeds the Seeds of Courage. I consider my life to be the Mastery of the difficult work I have done to get from where I was to where I am. And, I take notice of my patterns so that I may get from where I am to where I am going with much ease and delight. I am Strong, Capable of Mastery. I am Calm, Serenity is in my Stillness. I am Validated, my judgments are dispersed into the ether where they hold no power over my Infinite Bliss. I am Joyous, many beautiful friendships have cultivated themselves around me despite a lack of Awareness or SelfLove which had been previously withheld from my understanding. I am Free, the Beauty of my Cosmic Origin consumes my thoughts and I Take Action to spread the Light of Love’s Boundless Sea.

I am TheRoseDoor, my false perceptions- Transforming.

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