10 Ways to Detox Your Liver

The liver is so important as it is our main detoxification organ and is the largest organ in the body after our skin!

It has many jobs including:

  • Aid digestion via the production of bile;
  • Production of cholesterol and proteins;
  • Store glycogen, vitamins and minerals;
  • Production of immune factors; and
  • DETOX chemicals and toxins.

The liver is responsible for breaking down and eliminating harmful toxins from our body such as toxins in our environment, prescription medications and drugs such as birth control pill, alcohol, products we consume containing chemicals, any viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi we are trying to fight off etc.

A large majority of toxins are fat soluble and it is the liver’s job to convert them into water soluble toxins. This way they can be excreted through watery fluids such as bile, sweat, urine and saliva. If the liver is overloaded or the pathways of detoxification are not working properly these toxins will be recirculated and deposited into fatty areas in your body.

I have Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and Human Herpes Virus 6 (HHV-6) rampant in my body. As I slowly kill these viruses to lower their load, it creates toxic by-products or die off, which in turn has to be processed by my liver. This is why I do a combination of liver assisting routines so I don’t walk around feeling super toxic all the time.

Liver toxicity can manifest itself in a wide array of symptoms which will differ from person to person. Some may include: jaundice yellowing of skin and eyes, poor digestion, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, pain in liver and abdomen, foggy head/brain, depression, anxiety, pains throughout the body and more.

How do I support my liver?

  1. Supplements

2. Dandelion Root Tea: according to Chinese Medicine, bitter foods have a cleansing effect on the liver. I drink this instead of morning coffee.

3. Lemon water: according to Chinese Medicine, sour foods have a cleansing effect on the liver. I sometimes drink this first thing in the morning, either 30mins before or after my celery juice.

4. Castor oil liver packs: applied externally to the liver to help stimulate it.

5. Coffee enemas: the coffee stimulates the liver to produce more glutathione.

6. Yoga and exercise: yoga twists and exercise in general get fresh blood flowing.

7. Clean diet: eat lots of veggies and herbs, the cruciferous family is particularly good for the liver (although I don’t do well on them yet, after treating for SIBO).

8. Fresh juice: my go to veggie juice is celery, carrot, beetroot + ginger.

9. Avoid alcohol: when I’m out I drink either water, soda water with fresh lemon /lime, coconut water, herbal tea or kombucha.

10. Reduce exposure to xenoestrogens: found in plastics, insecticides, food and even skincare products such as shampoos, body lotion, makeup etc. (For more check out: https://womeninbalance.org/2012/10/26/xenoestrogens-what-are-they-how-to-avoid-them/)

If you are dealing with any form of chronic illness, it is so important to support your liver to ensure your body has the best chance of clearing out all the toxins. Stay posted for further blog posts going into more details about how to go about some of these routines :)

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