Claim your Ticket to the Royal Gala.

Are you planning to be in Ghana this December with the Royal Family? If so, Akwaaba! (Welcome!)

This article will act as your guide for event ticketing and more.

This is a brief overview of all the required steps you must complete to ensure safe and efficient arrival in Ghana and access to all of our planned events:

Your Royals NFT is your ticket to the Royal Gala! If you do not have one of our NFTs (either Kente or Ankara) you can purchase one on OpenSea here.

1. Review The Travel Checklist

Our travel checklist includes curated information to help travelers with health and travel considerations, flights, hotels and visa application.

The complete checklist can be located on our concierge page by using this link - Checklist

Also, please review our full Travel Itinerary to see a list of all the events we have planned (including the Cape Coast Experience) — you can use this information to plan your trip.

2. Register For The Royal Gala

Each person attending the Royal Gala must own a Royals NFT and complete the registration form. Each attendee must fill out this form separately. Click here to reserve your spot now!

3. Sign up for TokenProof

The Royals have partnered with TokenProof (the leading ticketing company for major NFT projects) to provide ticketing for our Royal Gala and the Cape Coast experience.

Tokenproof is a safe way to prove ownership of your NFTs while keeping them secure, both online and in real life (IRL).

Download the Tokenproof Mobile App

The Tokenproof app will be your key to accessing our events. Please download the Tokenproof app from the iOS or Google Play stores by searching for “Tokenproof” or using the links below:


Google Play Store:

Register with Tokenproof

You can Enroll entirely on your mobile phone: Mobile Registration video.

Paste the Tokenproof enrollment link using the browser within your MetaMask mobile app:

Be sure you register with the wallet that is holding your Royals NFTs

You can also Register with Tokenproof using your desktop: Computer Registration video.

4. Claim Your Tickets

Follow the steps outlined below to claim your event tickets:

Royal Gala

To claim your ticket:

You can also refer to the claim guides below for more information:

Cape Coast Experience

After claiming your Ticket to the Royal Gala above

Complete this form if you qualify for a free Cape Coast ticket. To qualify for one free Cape Coast ticket, your wallet must hold either of the following Royals NFT combinations: [4 Ankara] or [1 Kente + 1 Ankara]

Or, you may purchase a ticket using this link:

Your Cape Coast tickets will be AIRDROPPED into your Tokenproof app (We will send out a communication when the airdrop is complete).

The tickets will appear in the Tickets section of the Tokenproof app after they are issued.

Having Trouble?

Please be sure to join our discord community. Here is a guide on how to enter our private server. Once in our server, please open up a help ticket and we will be there to assist you right away!

Thank you for supporting Diverse Cultures.

-The Royals Team



Your invitation to experience diverse cultures across the globe.

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The Royals NFT

The Royals NFT

Your invitation to experience diverse cultures across the globe.