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Whether you work for yourself or a larger organization, it’s easy to see the challenges and frustrations of modern work: constant communication, continuous distraction, and endless meetings abound.

We have so much amazing technology that enables so many incredible opportunities, yet we’ve unintentionally evolved to a place where it’s become difficult to achieve the levels of focus necessary for deep thinking and productive creation.

We continue to go into work every day with the same approach we did the day before, even though it often leads to feelings of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Which brings to mind one question: is…

Solve any problem, at any time, with this one skill. As a person, a team, or an organization, here’s what it takes to flourish.

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As our world continues its transition to a fully digital society, I’ve been watching people and organizations scramble to figure out how to reinvent themselves and thrive within the modern world of work.

Adaptation is essential, yet there’s a hesitancy preventing people from changing and evolving as needed.

We get complacent. We stay stuck in our ways. We settle for the status quo—yet the only way to evolve is break free from status quo.

Over time I’ve come to believe there is one specific skill that enables any individual, organization, or community to successfully evolve and flourish.

This skill involves…

The green jungle and a beautiful pathway, from my walk through Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.

Regardless of what my Instagram feed looks like, I want to write about the fact that my life is not all infinity pools and explorations through Asian cities and exotic markets.

To start, I’ll note that I do believe I have a wonderful life. I feel very privileged to be able to move freely through the world and explore new people, places, and cultures. The freedom Arielle and I have been granted in this world is absolutely incredible, and arguably the best gift one could ever be given.

However, right now, as I’ve been contemplating my travels and reflecting on…

The organizations leading the way are the ones that are embracing the messiness of life and work, and learning to use our humanity as a strength, instead of a weakness. Here’s how.

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It’s time for a transition

As humans, we move through our worlds without knowing what our futures hold.

Our careers evolve over time and lead us to unknown, unexpected, and unforeseen places. Our relationships take turns we never thought they’d take, and we’re put through experiences we never thought we’d ever have to deal with.

Our lives are entirely unpredictable: nothing is certain, and nothing is guaranteed.

Yet our workplaces? For the past century-plus, they’ve been operating as if they’ve been able to glimpse into the future.

Thanks to the Industrial Era, the majority of the working world became predictable and controlled. The principles of…

A quick reflection on the state of the workplace, and what it means for the future of work, life, and humanity.

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Life is not just about work, nor is work the sole focus of life.

Our lives today are drastically different than they have ever been before, thanks to a century of technological and economic prosperity. Yet somehow, the foundational philosophies and beliefs of most workplaces have not been upgraded for this modern networked world.

We have an abundance of possibility, yet most organizations are still operating with legacy systems, beliefs, and values that only hold the modern workforce back from growing into their potential and doing their best work.

The era we’re living in is one of knowledge, information, connectivity…

Overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, burnt out, disengaged, and lost. We’re drowning in connectivity. Here’s what to do about it.

This is the first piece in an essay series on bringing humanity back to life and positively transforming the way we live, work, and operate in our always-connected 21st-century environment. The whole series can be viewed here.

Zen and the Art of Modern Working

The world has forever changed with the advent of the internet, yet we as humans haven’t at all figured out how to manage our always-connected, constantly-communicating, rapidly-evolving 21st-century lifestyles. We’re more connected than ever and live in the midst of an abundance of knowledge, information, and access, yet we’re more overwhelmed, distracted, and lost than ever before.

Go check with your friends and…

We as humans have lost our way, amid the world of connectivity and complexity. Luckily, our humanity can bring us back to life.

Photo credit: Niklas Rhöse

With every day that goes by, the world becomes increasingly complex. Modern life is riddled with anxiety-inducing circumstances that hit us from all angles, both at home and in the workplace. On any given day we have more visibility into myriad areas of life on a global scale than we’ve ever had before, and we’re in the midst of learning how to deal with this, both as people, and as organizations. Thanks to technology, we’re constantly connected, always up to date, and able to be fully aware of what’s happening at any given moment, in any part of the world.

We brought together 15 people from growing companies all over Philly to discuss workplace challenges. While this was certainly the beginning, here’s what we learned from our first gathering.

Photo credit: NASA

Our Biggest Takeaways:

1. It’s like “workplace therapy!”.

I heard through the grapevine that someone said our time together was like workplace therapy, and they want more of it. So, stay tuned!

2. The biggest challenge everyone is facing is the sheer pace of change.

Whether we’re talking about bringing new hires up to speed, rapidly scaling operations, evolving marketing strategies, or any other issue, change seems to be the only constant. Which begets the question, “how do we design our teams and organizations so they’re able to cope with the rapidly-increasing uncertainty we each face on a daily basis?” The answer: change…

The world has forever changed with the advent of the internet, yet we as humans haven’t at all figured out how to manage our always-connected, constantly-communicating, rapidly-evolving 21st-century lifestyles. We’re more connected than ever and live in the midst of an abundance of knowledge, information, and access, yet we’re more overwhelmed, distracted, and lost than ever before.

Photo credit: Rohit Tandon

I wrote that blurb above in the middle of 2016, when I learned that one of my ways to help people live more fulfilling lives was by helping transform the way in which we work together and organize our workplaces. Thanks to the…

Do good work, with good people, and the rest will take care of itself.

I took this photo in Lyon, France, in August 2016. I figure it’s appropriate to share because this is a woman who is putting in her time, focused in her zone, and doing her work.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the bullshit that surrounds us. Sorry to say it so bluntly, but it’s true. Whether personal projects or professional endeavors, there’s a lot of noise coming from all angles, making it difficult to focus on what really matters.

Opinions of people telling us what we should be doing or how we should be acting/thinking/breathing. Everywhere we look there’s advice on how to be successful, productive, and happy. If you’re not reading some article online, you probably have a friend telling you about this great piece they read earlier in the day. Happiness…

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