How Professional Wrestling Explains American Politics (Especially Donald Trump)
Oliver Willis

It’s an interesting analogy which seems to be depressingly accurate, but to what extent are you, the American public, responsible for these theatrics? Isn’t this a simple case of supply and demand?

Everywhere you look in American culture, the story is of individuals overcoming the odds and rising to success. Likewise in politics, there’s too much emphasis on the individual candidate in American politics. When you invest so heavily in an individual, you risk being persuaded by the rhetoric rather than the facts. That’s why the USA selects such incredibly unusual leaders, you get drawn in by their personalities rather than their policies, and that is more than evident here.

Here you have someone who is almost one-hundred percent personality, zero percent policy. I mean, come on — building a wall between the USA and Mexico that’s something like 2000 miles? Deporting all immigrants from a country founded by immigrants? Where does he get these ideas?