Today’s Leader at Facebook “Like” Speed

Inside every leader who deals with Millennials is a power waiting to emerge. This power has the ability to unleash team productivity like it’s never before been seen.

The power of which I’m speaking is the power to save time. You were expecting something a more elusive, right? It’s not scarce and it’s not a secret; however, one has to be bold enough to seize it.

In today’s culture, most things can be done in an instant. If something takes longer than we think it should, we’re likely to pass on it altogether. Some people have changed as the culture has changed, others (those of Generation Y) were born into this face-paced, digital society.

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Millennials post videos and know that they’ll start getting feedback immediately. Status updates get replies in minutes, and the speed of tweets and retweets is unmatched.

The social web has created this hunger for consistent, instantaneous feedback that Millennials seek. It would seem that this quick response feedback would only be possible within digital realms. Or, would it?

Consider this contrast. Baby boomers would prefer less face time with their bosses. Their generation equates conversations with leaders as negative occurrences (i.e. a bad report, low sales, or worse).

Millennials also experience negative feelings when it comes to their bosses, but theirs stems from a different place. If they don’t receive that consistent, instantaneous feedback, they feel as though their performance may be lacking. They’ll be searching LinkedIn by lunchtime for new job opportunities.

Both perspectives are acceptable. It’s up to the leader to decide which will inspire greater productivity, and then adjust accordingly.

The first few times I shared this theory, I got comments like: “Ryan, I have enough to do. Now I have to make sure I’m coddling Millennials, too?” I understood their initial reactions. Though, I also understood that time wasn’t the issue. The issue was leaders not wanting to change from their traditional styles of leading.

The time of ignoring employees and giving them feedback only when performance reviews required is gone. In order for leaders to keep employees, they’ll have to follow suit and give Millennials what they need — consistent, instantaneous feedback.

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It’s not nearly as elaborate as you may think. Providing this feedback will have your Generation Y team members working harder than ever. And, you can get these results in faster time than it takes to press “like” on a Facebook post. I’ll tell you how.

“Hey Ryan. You did a great job on the client’s proposal. The in depth research added a lot of value to the project. Keep doing what you’re doing!” There you have it. It really is as simple as that. As you’re refilling your coffee, or walking to the restroom, you take a few seconds to give some feedback; and you didn’t even have to make a special trip.

Now, I’ll share a true story an audience member told me. In effort to give Millennials consistent, instantaneous feedback, this is what he did.

At the end of the day, before making the drive home, he sent a quick text to his employees. Keeping things light and positive, the text message was his opportunity to provide feedback and correction. He went on to share that, surprisingly, some his team members were working again later that night as a result of receiving the text.

There’s the thumbs up, Facebook “like” speed in action. A short text message; increased productivity.

Will you choose to complain about needy Millennials, or will you jump on the leadership train and inspire greater productivity that will ensure a competitive edge?

It’s your choice.