Disrupting sales by integrating artificial intelligence (Part 2)

Using email campaigns ourselves, we’ve realized that our salespeople spend too much time answering all the messages, even if there is no sign of positivity in them.

But actually, that’s a problem that all of you sellers have: thousands of emails to answer and thousands of emails to categorize and sort through. You don’t need to be a genius to realize that this is time-consuming and doesn’t bring in any money.

We feel your pain and we’re definitely feeling ours ;)

Introducing LISA (Learning Intelligent Sales Agent)

Pretty name, but what does she actually do? We’ll let her make a short introduction:

Yep, LISA is an e-mail bot, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that will handle all the messages for you. She aims to scale the process of replying to individual responses received from customers during your email campaigns, by automating the categorization of responses and by writing replies for you.

How does LISA actually work

You add lisa@salesagent.ai in the Bcc or Cc field of your email

She analyzes the response you receive

…and she categorizes all the emails into folders for you.

Finally, because she’s really smart, LISA will draft a response for you

Now you can edit the reply and press “send”, or you can just let her work autonomously ;)

Getting access to LISA

In order to become more intelligent, LISA is still learning. And because we want her to be as smart as possible, we will grant you FREE early access.

Just sign up at www.salesagent.ai and we’ll take care from there ;)

If you need more information about LISA, or if you want to take advantage of our expertise in skyrocketing sales, you can find us at www.thesaas.co.

We also want to thank the people who backed us up, our team and everyone else involved in bringing LISA to life!!!

Stay tuned, because we’ll be back with more amazing and disruptive things!

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We’re making sales easy for everyone with LISA — Learning Intelligent Sales Agent

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We’re making sales easy for everyone with LISA — Learning Intelligent Sales Agent