If you’re feeling stressed by what is going on in the world…

  1. Acknowledge what you’re experiencing and feel it fully. Ignoring your emotions only makes them more powerful. 
    Immerse yourself fully in whatever you’re feeling whether it’s fear, anger and sadness. Feel it course in your whole body. Once you make it conscious, in great detail, in a few seconds it’ll start losing its power on you. Notice it. It’s magical. 
    After doing this a few times, you may feel tired and you’ll need to refresh yourself with a shower or meditation, but those emotional anchors you released are gone. 
    You may have others underneath them but you can handle those later as well. Over time, you’ll become completely clear.
  2. You cannot fight fire with fire. It’s impossible — it’s never been done, and will never be done, as tempting as it sounds. That leads to what you’d expect — a massive engulfing forest fire inside your soul, and who needs that. 
    Rather, focus on what delights you and fills your heart with light and joy. If that is cooking a delicious meal for friends, do it. If it’s dancing, do it. If it’s having a heart-to-heart conversation with someone that matters, do it. The cooling power of what you’re doing, and others seeing it, will have the effect that you intend. No one can debate or argue or politicize clear acts of love, generosity, and giving.
  3. Know that everything — and trust me—everything will be alright (and is already alright) in every single way that matters.

With lots of love, Safa

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